Best Alternatives of Super Mecha Champions

If you ever get bored of playing Mecha Champions again and again or you just want to try something new similar to this gameplay, you will find numerous such games offering a similar gaming experience like Super Mecha Champions. If you are battle royale games fan, obviously you will never stick to only one game and will love to explore different games with a similar concept.


Here, we have gathered some best battle royale games which are similar to Super Mecha Champions, where you and several other players have landed on an isolated place and have to fight for survival till the end to be the last man staying alive on the battleground.

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PUBG Mobile

PUBG is considered as one of the top battle royale games in this list. The game involves 100 players where they are jumped on an isolated island with a large map. It collapses slowly and letting players get closer to each other for more challenging matches. It offers a wide range of weapons, items, vehicles, and gears to support players in their survival. Every player enjoys this gameplay with wonderful graphics and smooth running on any device.



Fortnite is another most popular battle royale game that includes 100 players to fight against each other to make their survival for as long as possible. Here, you have to build your armaments and find powerful weapons to take out your enemies from the battle. The entire gameplay revolves around strategies to kill the enemies so that you can make your survival to the last.

Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is also counted in the list of top battle royale games but does not get much chatter as compared to PUNG Mobile or Fortnite. In this game, there are a total of 50 players on an Isolated place and involves them in 10-minute matches. The shooter mechanics are used and you are also allowed to make 4-players squad with a voice chat. The smooth gameplay and descent graphics are enough to attract battle royale game lovers.


Creative Destruction

This game is very much similar to Fortnite, or we can also say that Creative Destructive is a clone of Fortnite. This game has a large map with different landscapes involving 100 players in the battle. It allows you to build and destroy stuff. Along with this, you can also play Creative Destructive as a first or third person, as per your choice. This gameplay is really fun when played with friends.

Rules of Survival

Like Creative Destructive a clone of Fortnite, Rules of Survival is a clone of PUBG. This game was launched after PUBG Mobile. You and other players are dropped on a deserted location from an airplane. The gameplay includes including finding stuff, getting weapons and vehicles that can support you to kill other players. This game has a total of 120 players and the map shrinks as the players’ progress in the game.


When looking for alternatives or similar games like Super Mecha Champions, you can try these battle royale games that ensure giving better gaming experience than one another.