Super Mecha Champions's logoSuper Mecha Champions is a shout out to all PUBG and Fortnite Lovers to dig in another experience of the most thrilling and exciting game full of action and quality fun. The rule is the same, you will face 100 opponents and the last person to stay alive is the winner, but this game has something more exciting. The most thrilling part of the game is the addition of Robots which would let you enjoy the thrill of non-stop matches as soon as you would start controlling the gigantic robots.

The playing technique of Super Mecha Champions is like all those battle royale title games. You must survive till the end of the game avoiding the boundary circle which gets smaller and smaller at the end. In that short time, you must stay alert and alive and in the same time you must kill as many enemies as you can to win the title trophy. For this purpose, you must pick up all the necessary weapons scattered all through the island to eradicate the opponent enemies.



Super Mecha Champions with Bluestacks

The most exciting feature of this game is that you can join millions of new players to combat in a battle with them and with the introduction of totally new features, new battle grounds, special anime characters, robots and many other exciting packages. The planning is the key to win the game and hence it is the most important strategy to play and survive till the last or else you will lose the game. Players must carefully decide the landing spot when they need to press the drop button from the aeroplane. Furthermore, players can always choose giant Mechas to persuade over the other.

There are three types of modes in the game you can choose from which are Rookie player, Arena master and Super Mecha Champions unique champion. All of these modes let you play in different environments depending upon your choice. If you want to play solo mode, you can choose the Rookie player. If you want to play a team battle, you can choose Arena Master. Super Mecha Champions has a Japanese influenced art-style.

Super Mecha Champions, also commonly known as SMC is a highly flexible game and has the rule which states ‘TEAM UP AND CLAIM VICTORY’. What you all must do is form up a team; a stronger team and plan the strategies accordingly. One wrong move and you will die. There is not a single chance of making mistake. All you must do is concentrate. Concentration is the key factor. Once you lose the concentration, you lose the game. So, it is very important to train your partners before entering the battle field. A very interesting and amazing way to get know of the game is that you start playing the game in the solo mode first and then jump to the team mode. While playing in the solo mode, you will get to learn different tactics, knowledge of the weapons and the island. In this way you will not only learn the different tactics of the game but will also get to know the map and the important tips.

There are very certain tips and tricks in the game which you learn as you play and with time. The most important thing is to know the places where to land in the very beginning. That means you will survive till the end. As the circle gets smaller and the boundary gets smaller too, so it is a very wise decision to choose the place to land in and then start playing the game to survive till the end.

Another most amazing feature of Super Mecha Champions is the announcement of ‘Mecha Threat Detected’. That is the alarming alert that there is danger and you must overcome that danger by becoming more careful. That means now you must play the game more vigilantly. All your partners should play seriously and that means the victory would be a success and surety is granted. That is the most important factor in deciding the victory of the game.

Super Mecha Champions is a type of the game for those who love battle royale games. The graphic designing and videography are phenomenal and remarkable. It is the graphics which play a beneficial role in making the game look more versatile and different from other games. The Japanese inspired art designing streets and the environment makes the gamer to fall in love with the beauty of the game. The more you explore the game, the more you would love the game. And hence, you will get addicted to the game that you will start playing it day and night.

Super Mecha Champions is a distinguished and a top-notch video game which would let you enter the most exciting and thrilling memories to cherish forever. Everything in this game is superbly designed with how and know of every character. The placement of gigantic robots is worth appreciated. The street art inspired design by the Japanese art distinguishes Super Mecha Champions from every other game. It is said that, there are some key features which are considered in order to check the credibility of the game and some of those amazing features of SMC are videography, dynamics, design, controls, island map, anime characters , robots etc. The game has super remarkable and distinctive features including anime aesthetics and outstanding graphics to entertain and leave an impression on first sight. You would enjoy the thrill of non-stop fun whether you are alone, or you have a team. So, embrace yourself, and put the paddle to experience this amazing game full of action.

How to install Super Mecha Champions on PC and Mac ?

Super Mecha Champions for PC and Mac


Bluestacks logoSuper Mecha Champions is readily available to install it on Pc and Mac. For your ease, you can use number of different emulator software to install the game. But the most trusted and recommended emulator is BLUESTACKS which bridges the gap between android system and Pc or Mac system. It has marked as the safest alternate for running android operations on windows and Mac. In order to play Super Mecha Champions, you have to first install the emulator software which allows you to play any games which are widely available in the Google Play store. The rule is very simple, you just have to search the name of the game in the bluestacks emulator whose description is given below. Furthermore, you have to install the desired game such as “Super Mecha Champions” in this case and you are ready to go. Once it is installed, you have to open the game and start enjoying your battle.

Steps which are to be followed to install “Super Mecha Champions” are as follow:

  • Download BlueStacks App player from google, from the given link on our website or on
  • Once it is downloaded, Install the BlueStacks player.
  • Go to desktop and open the installed app.
  • Once the app player is opened, you can search in the bar on the top right corner of the app.
  • In the bar, type ‘Super Mecha Champions’ and press enter.
  • A new window would pop up upon pressing enter which would lead you to Google play.
  • Press on the Install button and wait to get it installed.
    Search and install Super Mecha Champions for PC
  • Simply press open after the installation.
  • You are ready to enjoy the game.

Super Mecha Champions setup with bluestacks

How to install using Memu?

Super Mecha Champions with memu Player


Memu logoSuper Mecha Champions is a versatile game which allows you to run the game on different emulators. Another alternate to run the game is to install it using MEMU emulator which is another trustworthy software for Android games. It is highly recommendable that you play such games using emulators because these tools have really helped a lot to make the life of a gamer much easier as it gives many efficient options to play any games right on the count of one , two and three.

Steps which are to be followed to install “Super Mecha Champions” are as follow:

  • Download MEMU emulator from google, the link below or
  • Press the download button and wait for it to download.
  • Once it is downloaded, Install the software.
  • In order to install it, open the MEMU app from desktop.
  • Press the install button and wait for it to install.
  • Once the app is installed, open the app.
  • Select the language as English and press Next.
  • Now select the keyboard layout as English (US) and press Next.
  • This would lead you to Google Play option and would ask you to sign in.
  • Enter your email address and password to get logged in.
  • In the search bar, type “Super Mecha Champions” and press install to install the game.
  • After installed, press open.
  • You are ready to enjoy the game.

Minimum Android version needed to play
Android logoThe minimum requirement for Android version is 4.1 and up versions.

Is the game available for iOS?
Yes, the game is available on IOS (App store)

Minimum iOS version needed to play
The minimum requirement for iOS is 9.0 or later. Moreover, it is compatible with iPhone 5s and above models.

Best play features of Super Mecha Champions

  • Free to play
    The game is introduced to play free of cost. There are no charges for downloading the game. You can join million of other online players to challenge them for Super Mecha Championship Title.
  • Excellent and powerful communication options
    Super Mecha Champions offer a complete range of easy communication skills. You can easily communicate in between the game and plan the strategies to combat the battle.
  • Easy and simple controls with user friendly interface
    Super Mecha Champions offers you very easy controllers to be used in the game. You can use customized controls to set your controls according to your needs.
  • Giant Robots are introduced to join amazing battle games
    To make the game more interesting and thrilling, giant Mechas are introduced in the game to attract people to enjoy the game.
  • Huge range of combats to tackle various techniques
    The game has introduced many new combos to choose from.
  • Best sound quality
    The game offers powerful soundtracks and audio effects to give that feel to the gamer which would take him in to the thrilling world.
  • Excellent video graphics
    The game allows you to experience beautiful 3D graphics and a completely new and attractive design and experience the sci-fi world.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Can the game be played un solo more or not?
    Yes, you can play it in solo mode.
  • How many opponents are there in a team mode?
    There are 100 players in total and the last one to survive is the winner.
  • Are the weapons in the game free or we have to buy them?
    Most of the weapons are free and you can find them scattered all over the island but some extra efficient power packs and paid and you have to pay in order to use them.
  • Is the game available for iOS?
    Yes, the game is available in-app store.
  • Is this game available for any other operating system other than Windows and Mac?
  • Is this game available for Windows Phone, Chromecast, PS4 or Xbox?
  • What is paid in the game?
    The most exciting packages, equipment , clothes, shoes etc.
  • How much worth is the in-app purchases?
    The in-app purchases can range from USD 1.99 up to USD 69.99 per item
  • When was the game released?
    The game was release on 28th July 2019.
  • What is the downloading size of the game?
    The Download size of the game is 1.77 GB.
  • What is the current version of the game?
    The current version of the game is 1.0.5832
  • Do i need to give a special app permissions to run the game?
    Yes, you might need to give special app permissions such as Camera, Microphone etc.